A.W.A.S. members

  • Martin - drums
  • Eddy - bass
  • Konni - guitar
  • Viktor - vocals

A.w.a.s. means death-metal, infected by some thrash- and blackmetal parasites. Double bassdrum, brutal guitars, hard bass, and smashing growls and screams. Mixed with untypical lyrics... check out our sound in the music section.



A.W.A.S. was founded in 1999 as 'torment'. After rehearsing and a first little gig in front of some friends, Ruben Wedel left us and Martin Epp started drumming. But then a.w.a.s. had a break for about one year. But the war got started again in 2001. We did our first "real" show in Aarau (Swizerland) as support to Sacrificium. After that we decided to record our first offical demo "time to choose", which was released in January 2003! Now it was time to do some concerts.
During 2003 - 2005 we got two of our songs released on the german "Deathophobia" sampler, but also had some lineup changes. Stephan Dyck (who did the 2nd guitar for a short while) and Matrin Kuhn left the band and Eddy Littau entered on Bass.
During the time A.W.A.S. shared the stage with other bands like
Immortal Souls, Sacrificium, Narnia, Antidemon, Essence of sorrow, Veni Domine, Seventh Avenue, Poostew, World Downfall,... and others.
The debut album "hope" got independently released in Jul.06,which got worldwide re-released via OpenGraveRecords in April '07. Currently A.W.A.S. is writing new material for their next album! Behold!


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