Martin Epp

  • drums
  • Member since the beginning '99

Hey, I'm Martin, the drummer of a.w.a.s.
My job at a.w.a.s. is to thrash the drumset,
but I also did some guitars and backup vocals on
our current release "hope".
On the other hand, I update this homepage for
you or spend time on lyrics- and songwriting.
thats it...

Favorite Bands:
Extol, Sacrificium, Opeth, Lengsel, Saviour Machine, Virgin Black, Nevermore, MyDarkestHate, Meshuggah, Dew-scented, nile, Dark-tranquillity, Rammstein...

Album charts:
  • Virgin Black - sombre romantic
  • Saviour Machine - legend
  • Extol - undeceived
  • Sacrificium - escaping the stupor
  • Mortification - scrolls of the megilloth
  • Opeth - deliverance
  • Nevermore - dead heart in a dead world
  • Nile - annihilation of the wicked
  • Meshuggah - destroy erase improve

Pearl drums: TT-12" TT-14" ST-16" BD-22" SD-14", Paiste cympals, 7A Nylon tip sticks, Tama double pedal

Favorite A.W.A.S. Song:
Wages of hypocrisy, Damned to death