Eduard Littau

  • bass
  • Awas member since '04

Hello there, my name is Eddy!
I entered the band in December 2004
and since then I make sure
that there is enough bass on these
a.w.a.s.-noise ;-)
Also did lyrics for a forthcoming song.

Favorite Bands:
Soulfly, Mortification, Antidemon, Six Feet Under, Sacrificium, Pantera, Rammstein, Saviour Machine, Soul Embraced, Extol...

Favorite Album:
  • A.W.A.S. - hope ;-)

Stagg XB300-GBK Bassguitar; Hartke VXL Bass Attack Pedal;
ElectroVoice 1x12" + 2x12" Cabinets; Palladium Vintage P-700 Amp

Favorite A.W.A.S. Song:
Damned to death